Amphora, meant as a lamp stand, pottery, bought October 2015, arrived beginning 2016, from Savvas Pottery, 65 x 36 cm.

The plant lies on the ancient road form Limassol to Paphos just outside of Geroskipou and produces modern pottery as well as copies of ancient pots, like this amphora. Savvas is a friendly place where one can see and learn how to practise the craft; it is also a shop as well as a museum.

One side represents Pallas Athena in white, protective goddess of Athens, one of the most important goddesses of Greek mythology. She is the goddess of the clear and pure air, virgin of course. She is the goddess of wisdom and art, martial arts and peace. She is represented here in regalia with breastplate, shield and spear, besides a socle with an owl, symbol of wisdom.

On the other side Apollo sit, black, on a rock from which sprouts a willow bough playing the cither with a plectrum. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. He is the God of light, music, poetry and spirituality, as well as of agriculture and livestock. Apollo was a fair God, tall and well built and he had many love affairs with nymphs and mortal women. He is an ambiguous god, who can also spread destruction, but that is not applicable here.