Gerel Dzjind

Gerel Dzjind, artist from Oelan Bator. Emigration under the Gen­ghis Kahn.  166 x 118 cm.

Detail 1

Detail 2
detail 2

Drawing in Indian ink on gou­ache (geographical map of contem­po­rary Mon­golia), bought about 1995 from the head­quar­ters of Kanach, the Dutch friendly society Mon­golia at that time.

Detail 1 below the drawing: Two carts pulled by oxen haul each a Mongol Ger, belter known in the west as Yurt. The Mon­gol Yurt, made of felt, looks friendly on the outside with its round form and gives the atmospheric and auth­en­tic tent a feeling of solidarity and secu­ri­ty on the inside. The Yurt has a diameter of 6 meter and has 5 sleeping places: a twin bed, a bunk bed and a convertible so­fa bed.

Detail 2: Camel caravan