MTB Bank

MTB (Mutual Trust Bank) Bank, Lubumbashi, Katanga, DR Congo, study project for a group of sculptures around the bank (not realised), 2010. Jean Mwangala, see also Warrior. Bought in the same way from the artist, 72 x 63 cm.

This was the bank where I opened a euro account as treasurer of the Foundation Teleji in the Congo for scholarships and other aid to Dilolo, to which the sisters FMM de Lubumbashi, with whom we signed a contract, had access. For this purpose I took residence in de cloisters of the sisters, Congrégation des Soeurs Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie (FMM), Mama Yemo 1622, Lubumbashi, PB 1170 Lubumbashi. This mailbox served in fact all catholic mission posts of Katanga, for all the mail travelled together with that of the priests and nuns and other trusted persons. After the closing of the Foundation this account was closed as well.