Safi 1 Tapestry

Safi 1 Tapestry

Artists Safi and Babou, mother and daughter, create handmade Contemporary African Craft, inspired by their vast African Heritage. The objects include colourfully hand painted and intricately beaded textiles and cushion covers, ethnic Hand Bags and vibrant Home Accessories. Established in 2001, Sawa Sawa Gallery, 7 Avenue du Park Q / Gecamine, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, offers unique creations, that have become synonymous with dynamic, luxurious, and uplifting objects. I bought the tapestry there during my visit to the Congo in 2011 with the members of the Teleji Foundation, then supporting the strength of Katanga, particularly the mission in Dilolo, near de border of Angola, where my sister in law Sister Thérèse, called Teleji (lotus flower) by the Chokwa, ran several good works, including a hospital and homes for mental and physical handicapped people.


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