Jean Mwangala, Lubumbashi, Katanga, DR of Congo, found wood, 56 cm.


Image cut from found wood, 56 cm. By Jean Mwangala, Lubumbashi, Katanga, DR of Congo, who belonged to a group of artists friends, that performed without remuneration with songs and African instruments in order to entertain and educate the youth. Musasa belonged also to that group. Both were also painters and Musasa was sculptor in wood as well. This is an example of his style: leaving as much as possible alone what nature provides and letting the image arise form there. In front of his house stood a life size giraffe made that way.

Beautiful souvenir of the then Foundation Teleji, comprising my daughter Christina (Xina) Mercken, Guido Verburg, Cheryl AndristPlourde, myself and Joyce Hamilton, the latter later replaced by others. Leslie Meyer became the treasurer. The first four visited at their expense Dilolo, near the border of Angola, where Teleji directed schools (basic and secondary education), a hospital, an orphanage, and dwellings for mental and physical handicapped people and lepers, to ascertain the needs on the spot. Teleji (Lotus flower) is how the Chokwa, the local population, pronounced the name of sr Thérèse, FMM (Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie) Spaas, my sister-in-law, being then 86 years of age. Unforgettable trip, half of which in that country consisted of twice 750 km (to and fro) in a bus through the wilderness, from Lubumbashi to Dilolo Poste.


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